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Day 11: Departure 

Day 11, undoubtedly, my least favorite day because the tour is officially over. Our guide, Nancy, was so kind to  put together a small breakfast bag since our flight was an early bird flight. Our family took a car and had an easy breezy drive to the Catania airport, where we had a connecting flight in Naples to get us home to Michigan.

Arrivederci Sicily! 

Closing Thoughts

While I am by no means an expert in Sicily history or culture, I hope you had fun and maybe learned something, but most importantly awakened your "travel bug" to go out and see the world and hopefully one day be a part of a Rick Steves' Tour. 

A few quick remarks:

  1. Thank you Mom and Dad for providing our family with this priceless opportunity to see such a beautiful part of the world. You have always encouraged our independence and can't tell you how much that has meant to me personally in the woman I have become 

  2. Rick Steves' - thank you! You and your outstanding team of experts have curated such a special way of traveling to see the best of the best and immerse yourself in culturally rich opportunities that we would never be able to experience otherwise

  3. What Rick Steves' tour should Jeff and I go on next?! 

  4. To Jeff, my best friend and loving partner, you make life so much fun and all my days better. I can't wait for all of our future adventures together.

  5. "Traveling is the only thing you buy that can make you richer" 

Thank you for visiting my digital scrapbook! 


Kristen O. 

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