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Day 7: Syracuse

After the orientation walk from yesterday, today we were well rested and ready to explore the city of Syracuse even more! A day filled with so many authentically Syracuse activities starting from visiting the city's market, the Cathedral of Syracuse, a puppet show, and a spontaneous family lunch. 

Started the day at the market

Ancient ruins in the middle of the city

My left-brained, high school math teacher sister, Katie with π symbol

Stunning streets of Syracuse. 

Papyrus in Syracuse?

Yes!  The only European city where papyrus can be found is Syracuse. The shrub that is abundant in the Nile River, also grows here. A woman in Syracuse uses the paper and paints beautiful Sicilian art on the papyrus paper. I purchased one of her pieces of papyrus art and have it hanging in my office to serve as a special reminder of this unique part of the trip. 

Cathedral of Syracuse

Puppet Show

A puppet show is a beautiful art that is celebrated here in Syracuse. Our group had a private viewing of a puppet show where they told an old folktale story in Italian. While we did not understand the language and sometimes what was going on at times, seeing how masterful technique goes into puppeteering was fascinating. The team of performers who put the puppet show on came out afterwards to answer our questions and we got a closer look at the details and costumes of the puppets used in the show. 

Spontaneous Family Lunch

After the scheduled group activities were over, we were allowed to enjoy Syracuse on our own. Our family (7 of us) split up to explore our own and then spontaneously we all met up for lunch at this very eclectic spot where we dined outside. We enjoyed great food and conversation and had a leisurely lunch over some table wine. You might think why is this so spontaneous? Since we were a larger group of 7 people, sometimes having space for 7 people is more difficult. 

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