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Day 9: Taormina

What a beautiful and relaxing day this was spent in the beautiful town of Taormina. Today our only activity was a group tour of the Greek theater that is still in use today - when we were there, a crew was taking down equipment from a chorus performance the night before. When you are in Taormina, there are many views where you will see a great landscape of Mount Etna in the background. 

By now you may have realized the prominent Greek influences on Sicily as you can see the Greek theater in the background. Picture with our knowledgable and kind guide, Nancy in the blue sweater. The Greek theater can hold around 10,000 spectators and all of the views whether looking towards the cone of Mount Etna or behind you the beautiful blue waters of the sea. 

This was the part of the trip where we wanted to relax and that is exactly what we did. After being set free for the rest of the day, Jeff, Julia, Jonathan, and I found a cafe and enjoyed being able to watch life pass by and played a few games of euchre. My Mom, Dad, and Katie did something similar enjoying a few of the posh shops in Taormina and just being able to relax and savor the time we had left on vacation in Sicily. Later that night, we met up for a group dinner where we sat on a terrace near our hotel and enjoyed several different types of Sicilian pizza. Yum! 

Daily Gelato fix!

Met some fellow Sicily tourists at a cafe we were at who were from Highland Park, IL! It's a small world. 

J filling up his water bottle in the Taormina town square

Apertivos at our hotel courtyard before dinner with our pals, Jann and Terry

Ope! I found another Aperol Spritz in my hand! 

Gorgeous Taormina

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